I wrote this poem many years ago. I was inspired by a winter trip I took to Newport, RI. The weather was very mild and I walked all over the town and the beaches. I took the photo below from that visit.

I put together a little multimedia presentation for fun. Enjoy! Cheers!

Heart and head in beating motion,

Surrendering to music.

Life in vibrations.

Lost souls on beaches drowning in sound,

Avoiding silent cliffs.

Death in vanishing rhythms.

Bursting flesh opens to an island.

The beat, so loud, becomes the only sound.

In love?

In pain?

Lips reach for rain.


Pulsating brain quivers then

Paused in strain.

Exploding vessels,

Unvarying notes,

And constant appetite for rhythm.

Bench in Newport RI

Bench at Newport RI