Posthumously Sucks…

Unga Bunga Girl

Unga Bunga Girl

‘cuz I’m dead.

I felt like coming out of my cave to rant at the world so I started a blog. I have no notion that anyone will read my blog but I really feel I must write down some stuff before I turn to dust. Get ready to ride the streams of consciousness of my brain. Odds are I don’t even know what my points will be or if I was successful at making them. Are you wasting your time reading this blog? Damn right you are. Because even if you agree with me, so what? You are just as messed up in the head as I am. You can live in a cave too. It’s not so bad. “Unga Bunga”, we say where I live. Have I enticed you to go further or would you rather just get your money back? Either way I don’t care I’ll be back in my cave taking a nap.

Check it out about sucking – Top 10 People Who Became Famous After Death


10 thoughts on “Posthumously Sucks…

  1. Always so sad to think about this. It also makes me think about all the lost works from ancient times that are lost and we’ll never even get to read them or see them.

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