A Simple Discovery

I know you are not supposed to do it
but I just cannot resist tooting it

I’m in love with myself.
I mean like deep in it after all these years.

I really enjoy the person that I am
even though so many disagree with me and tell me I’m bad and wrong.

just the other day someone yelled at me for not giving up my place in line to a lady with a baby.

So many inflict me with their views on how I should behave.
Why is everyone worried about me? I’m doing great.
Thanks for the concern but mostly it’s annoying.

I think they should just stop shoving sticks square up their arse
because it’s really bad to actually tickle one’s brain till it spasms
in pains of anxiety and cringes in misery

and that will never be me as long as I draw breath.
I won’t go that route ever again where I’m always right and everyone is wrong.

Now I feel more like I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m wrong but I’m sure no one else is right, especially, about me being bad anymore.

It’s all too stupid to entertain so I’ll just bask in the glory which is my simple discovery of an absolute truth in a cursed age –
I don’t suck!

what I mean is – I like me.


9 thoughts on “A Simple Discovery

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