Extinguish Me!

for someone I love that is withering away

My senses are rioting against me.

Muddled vision, my eyes strain to see
where I have lived for forty years.
Alas, I can’t see the layout in my mind,
burning away an already threadbare resolve.

My legs don’t move so great
as I shrivel in my carcass suit.
How’d I get so short?
My wrath is lost.
I can barely hear your voice;
sound as loud as musical notes on paper to me;
utterly useless like I feel.

Suffocation. Breathing bouts;
Just enough air before I pass out.
My hands have aches and pains.
My brain
can’t process like it used to.
Where do I live now?
Do I reside where I always have.
Lately, I can’t ever tell.

Do not resuscitate. Extinguish me!
I do not rage against it or go gently into it.
I race to my end, embracing it and chasing it

Oh, why can’t a plane just fall out of the sky
and obliterate only me?
Why can’t my lungs collapse permanently?
Always leaving just enough air to revive me
to this tortured half-life.

It’s passed my time to leave.
I’m furious for death.


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