Hiatal blah de blahs

Holy mother of you know what?
I’m not interested in a damn thing anymore
Well not entirely but lackluster dominates

I have a hernia on my psyche
a bottlenecking in creativity

shorelines are so so
and humanity is so very predictable

and I can’t say that the bad things that get done everyday
surprise me anymore

it’s all so very blah de blah
writing is stuck in a clogged vein

perhaps I want too much wonder
crave too much for something unattainable

when the mundane is the only meal that can be made
lately it seems anyway and
spring will spring but will my spirit
or will this moped up crap continue through
the decades? it feels that way anyway.

Sorry, my head is up my arse.


15 thoughts on “Hiatal blah de blahs

  1. This is really quite good for a poem that was written from up your arse!!

    Bloody dark up there!!!

    And I am so glad you used the English word ‘arse’ rather than the American word ‘ass’
    It is so much more fulfilling somehow πŸ™‚

    Perhaps, although the rest of you is American, your arse is English!!!


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