way too much wind

swirling round my ears
I hear it yet I still don’t understand

“Keep your voice down!”
How dare a person of such lowly character advise me how to conduct myself.

“You are too sensitive!”
Should I be a dullard like you then impervious to any assaults or insults?

I’m too this and too that and not enough of the other.
Why do others spend so much time considering my actions and my words?

When will they investigate their own folly and leave me to mine!

You know what’s wrong with you?
You think too much.
You’re too happy.
You’re too sad.
You’re too brusque.
You’re too vague.
I never understand what the masses are saying!

Criteria is based on whims and abuses suffered while young which form the impressions of an ideal which is probably twisted and congealed and really just a mess of emotion and a massive stress trip just so someone will want to be us for merely seconds but you never really know if they were ever envious or just faked it so as to get another invite to the cocktail and mini frankfurter house.

“Until you are perfect, shut the wind up!”

Ah, silence while the less fortunate attempt achievements in supremacy.


11 thoughts on “way too much wind

  1. You appear Cathy to be allowing these people to rent space in your head.

    You are the landlady for the rooms in your head.
    You have the power to tell them to F**k off out of it!!

    Take yourself to the beach, talk to the seagulls, fill the rooms in your head with different things so that there is no more space to let!!

    Self-Love is much more use to you. Give it the biggest room – the one with the ensuite!!


    • Dear David,

      You are so funny! That’s where the poem was when I wrote this – my mindset was totally invaded by these miscreants. I love myself quite often lately but I’m feeling blah right now which I’m working on shaking. Sorry I’ve been a bad friend lately. I hope all is well with you. I have to check out your blog and see what you’ve been up to.



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