hung out to dry

there is a bad guy
there is a good guy
there cannot be both in this

either I was not wronged as you say or
you just don’t understand when a crime
has been committed

perhaps your esteem for myself and yourself
is in the shitter and you don’t realize
that you deserve better

she is vile and not polite
she has made threats
to which I respond but
her answers are exonerated
and I am held accountable

for all the back stabbings that have occurred
merely because I call foul and want an
accounting of what is owed us all
but in this shortfall of fortune

that causes nothing but strife I will
not render myself up to a sacrifice of
myself to make all happy again.

I don’t have to and I don’t want to and I will not
I will not bear one more moment of doing what’s best for us
all when my face is being slammed into the stinkin’ door

I will not be modified or mollified by her extortion
just know this for once and for all
NOBODY yanks my fucking chain
please just let that penetrate
your pathetic rambling brain.


8 thoughts on “hung out to dry

  1. Such a powerful rant! Did my soul good to read it!!

    I decided some years ago that the only person I had to be content with was myself. After all it is me that I have to sleep with every night 🙂

    and that if you didn’t like me then that was your problem and not mine!!!

    Sod the bastards!!!


  2. “I will not be stamped, filed, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered” or however Patrick McGoohan’s rant at the beginning of Prisoner episodes went.

    I’ll bet it was nice to vent like that!

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