It might be just me but I feel all poets should have a poem entitled, “ether”, in their repertoire. I wrote this one last year when I was feeling whacked for it is a whacked poem. I was inspired by ether and a Bugs Bunny episode I saw as a little girl, also the idea of numbing one’s senses to relieve mental anguish despite the consequences.

At times, I wish I had the ability to mix music with my poetry as many times I will hear a song in my head that drives a poem to completion. I was inspired by a few songs for this poem in particular –

“Manic Depression” by Jimi Hendrix and

“The roof is on fire” by Grandmaster Flash.

I tried making an audio version of this poem with those two songs mixed into the narrative with my voice. I hated it so it sits in a folder until I can stand my voice and get the mixing done properly.

Nighty, night, little bunny rabbit.
Don’t make it a habit
to suck on ether
it is the material that fills the heavens above us
it is the material that makes us sleep

Nonpolar solvents maybe can subdue bipolar disorders
O’ Jimi, it is a frustratin’ mess.
Gaze into the deepness of a vile of the stuff.
I see nothingness.
Break it open to witness the compound filling the room
in invisible layers.

Sleep in the subdued grace of its anesthetizing effects,
but don’t smoke a cig or you will blow off your face.

My face
My face
My face is on fire
I don’t need no water
Let it burn, burn, burn.

Well, burning is a way to feel something I suppose.
I just want to keep sucking on ether.
Let it go down slow
and cool my soul as my face rages on in the inferno.


16 thoughts on “ether

  1. I am not sure Cathy that a combination of ether and a rabbit is necessarily good for you.

    You never know where it might lead you to!! 🙂

    You might be better talking to those seagulls 🙂


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