from my senses soaking on wine
to wet clothes on a drying line

beliefs in God and the goodness of man
killing sprees in malls, postal tendencies the plan

clouds on hangers
angels on clouds

facade of happiness
to cover the sadness that abounds

a jet plane hovering overhead and my hearing is drowned
a kite fights for life as the wind beats it down

triggered toward elevations
wanting nothing more than to soar

enchantment in the heavens
I’m dying to roar

with the thunder from above
a noise that filters nothing

a beating that soothes
a damaged soul that tolerates instead of demands

tired of making everything float
I want it all to land

Wherever it may
but since the gravity of my mind and the lightness of my heart are at war
just preferably, not at my feet anymore.


16 thoughts on “sUsPension

  1. Wow Cathy you outdid yourself on this one – BRILLIANT.
    a kite fights for life as the wind beats it down – is just one gem of imagery among so many with this poem – I REALLY LOVED IT !!!

  2. Me again! I forgot to tell you in December a short piece of fiction I wrote came out in December in the anthology titled WTF?! So, I’m officially a professional now.

    My piece involves a fictional Civil War in the year 2039 between America’s right-wing loonies and left wing loonies.

    I wanted to thank you and the others again for offering me encouragement. It means a lot coming from people who aren’t relatives or close friends.

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