an unpredictable or erratic action, occurrence, course, or instance

so many lately they are becoming less than what they are

What the hell just happened?
Poof, in one instant, all gone but images invade

Stopping in my tracks
putting off destiny

deja vu coming in waves
one after another

I’ve not only done this before
but maybe hundreds of times before

There is a slicing effect from the realization that I’m all alone like I’m cut in two.

shut up but keep talking

adore me but for the love of all that is holy just leave me alone

mingling in time and space
dust and particles collide to manifest into a new form

I feel pressure coming from without
so much oxygen and no place to put it all.

That slice broke through to how I wish to be viewed
I will no longer reside under your thumb
The limit is reached
I’m expecting more than this lousy crumb

In one unremarkable instant,
I am unequivocally done!


14 thoughts on “Vagary

    • Hey Jo,

      Happy New Year! Thanks for following mine as well. The cave is way too busy around the holidays. It will be nice to get back to normal. Thanks and be well this year too.


      PS love the vid

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