Maybe J.R.R. Tolkein wasn’t such a crazy old coot after all

crazy old coot

I ain't no coot!

I’m still trying to figure that out.
Seven years of bounty, seven years of famine
Do prophecies always come to fruition?

Orcs in Modor and Angels in Fairydom
Talking Trees that didn’t say much of anything interesting

Old J.R.R might have been shook by an apocalyptic vision that created the world’s longest and hardest to read book

A bible of middle earth where gun powder exists before it was invented.

A dimension on the other side of our reality, the war rages on while I make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Sometimes, I can hear an Orc gruntin’ at a human through a muffled pillowy haze.

I wonder if Tolkein had a neurological disorder or was just old enough for the truth to be revealed. Just a thought…

On the other side of psyche, a deity, I cling to that idea because it brings relief and makes me happy.

Mythology and biblical ideas aside, why should I care anyway? Can’t change prophecy by talk and what can be done until you know more about livin’ in reality

Subsequently, a word I happen to like by the way, my head remains snuggled sufficiently up my arse right where it belongs,
exactly where I want it.

This poem was inspired by a show I watched on Revelations. In it they suggested that J.R.R. Tolkein, might have been inspired by Revelations when he wrote “The Lord of the Rings”. By the way, I only finished one of the books and I almost decapitated myself at the thought of reading the second one because I just couldn’t stand it really. Too many damn words. I could have wrote that story in not only one book but in one sentence – They threw the f-ing ring in the fire!!!!!! The End!

But, at same time I think it is a compelling story just not in the written form. I thought the movies were good, but damn, just throw the ring in the damn fire already!!!! On a side note, I remember when I saw the “Two Towers” with some friends and afterward we were giving our reviews of the movie. And my friend, who is very intelligent but also burnt out from years of smokin’ da gange, said, “They didn’t have gun powder back then!” I couldn’t stop laughing when he said it because he was so serious. Okay, so let’s just assume that the story could have possibly happened. Historically, the Orcs could not have been able to fire cannons because gun powder wouldn’t have been invented yet. Freaking hysterical!

I didn’t edit this piece at all. It really is a stream of consciousness therefore it is seriously whacked so don’t call the nut catcher on me.


12 thoughts on “Maybe J.R.R. Tolkein wasn’t such a crazy old coot after all

    • I can appreciate that but I probably won’t be reading “Beowulf” either 🙂 I can read Shakespeare fine but not “Beowulf”. I tried and failed and am content not to try again.

      “The Lord of the Rings” books are truly remarkable – to have been able to invent an entire universe from the imagination – I really find that an awesome accomplishment. I’m sure he had to draw on many things in his life for inspiration. Thanks for commenting.

      • Well, be glad you don’t have to :p I have to know it inside and out for my exam, and a lecture that Tolkien gave about Beowulf etc. 🙂

        They really are, I think not many people would be able to invent all that. Of course, I’m not saying he took everything from Beowulf or something, that would be horrible. You’re welcome 🙂

  1. I love, love, your writings! You are so true and honest to your art. This poem was so entertaining, I laughed the whole way through. I must admit. I’m a very big “Lord Of The Rings”, fan. So, this poem was right up my alley! Bravo, Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. I’m back, Cathy! Finally enough playoff and bowl games done for things to be manageable.

    Thank you so much for sticking with me through the rush of post-season football, radio interviews on the Penn State Scandal and all that.

    LOVE this poem and the followup comment. I’m glad I’m not alone in thinking Tolkein always used 100 words where 10 would do. And since you don’t seem like a Tolkien fan I’ll vent about my annoyance with how his whole “imaginary” world is really just a reconfiguration of a great deal of Norse mythology, Even the ring shit. It doesn’t take genius to just rearrange an existing belief system.

    I’ll be a regular visitor again now. Just trying to catch up on a backlog of dozens of first- time commentors that I haven’t ok’ed yet.

    Take care!

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