most of it nonsense
air mingling with utter vibrations

Oh, you say such lovely things!
But when it is time for movement,
what do your words bring?

silence in action
mute in deeds

they are like a plague
with no cure in sight
cursing the believer
to act unjustly and with a fierceness in might

just a hollow life
of breathy utterances
under scrutiny, a bag of wind

trailing a course toward nowhere
enrapturing us all with your acumen
yet always left short in the end
since the measure of worth
cannot begin without movement
and not from your tongue or the breeze from your lips
but rather deeds proving it.

I’m so sick of talk and people posing for their close ups but are so full of crap!


14 thoughts on “words

  1. I thought this was a good expression of what we have all thought. In the world of academics words flow like rivers, but only occasionally does someone get on the back of the bull and ride out into the arena. May you find a mountain that, if it is climbed, flows with a river of white fog over its back, leaving you alive in the midst of clouds.

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