flesh and rain

the first few drops are delightful
feeling connected

a few more drops on my face
a kiss on the mouth

just enough
but in the next moment
too much

then, more and more
showers ensue

more than discomfort

too many requirements from me

an annoyance turns into a pounding
which I cannot take
I need to escape
no shelter in sight
I’m in agony

daggers of water invading skin
no memory now of where it all begins


10 thoughts on “flesh and rain

  1. You made me smile with this one Cathy.

    Whether read literally or taken as a metaphor for a love affair it works equally well.

    I am choosing to read it as metaphor because that last line really resonates with me 🙂


  2. Hi, Cathy

    This poem encapsulates for me how things in life, perhaps a love affair, or perhaps some other relationship or situation, can seem safe and joyful at first, but then change complexion and become overwhelming or threatening or unwelcome in some way (‘But in the next moment/ too much’). It’s very cleverly written: obliquely capturing a common human experience. You travel so quickly from the lovely lyricism of the first lines to the pain of the final lines: beautifully done.


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