gene pool, Interrupted

I’m in bad place right now in regard to the human race.

Welcome to the gene pool!
We got fun and games.

Whatever happened to Axel Rose and Guns and Roses?
I miss them.

It is the dawning of the age of the survival of the fittest for dummies.

The supposedly bright giving light to the insipid.

Barely teethed with mismatched socks they enter election booths pulling levers
that decide our future.

Causing car crashes and crane failures.

I say drink the bleach morons!
Let’s sell it in cherry flavor to make it go down even easier so that you may
endeavor to drink more and end your useless existence quicker.

God grant me that privilege, the understanding as to why the unenlightened live.

I’m trying to figure it out on my own but keep wishing to hit the wall with
their all too fragile heads.


18 thoughts on “gene pool, Interrupted

    • yes, there is a breed of folks I refer to as “drink the bleach” kind of stupid. The reason the warnings on the bleach bottles exist. We all do stupid things it’s the constant state of stupid that offends me.

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