It’s so pathetic as I would take even that.
I’d give everything up for just a moment of your happiness.

I tire of seeing the cloud cover in your eyes,
the storm in your face,
the earthquake craters in the souring of your lips

I can see the determination in you, and one day,
you will see me as your executioner.

Your wish is to be nailed to that cross.
And by my hand alone, you will me to crucify you.
Perceiving me eager to hammer the nails into your flesh to bond you with the wood.

And, you see my only desire to be your demise,
when only the opposite actually fits my mood.

You don’t want everything I have, not really,
you just want your theories to be proved.

So busy in your movement toward greatness,
you’ve never really known what it means to be good.


10 thoughts on “crumb

  1. This is wonderful. Jolted me awake when I read it.

    I gave up on greatness a long time ago. At about the same time that I gave up on being perfect!!!

    Such a relief to let go of those things 🙂


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