A New Crusade

Crusade, according to Wikipedia, is a vigorous concerted movement for a cause or against an abuse.

That’s sufficient.

Holler, holler holler!
Here’s a shout out to all the scooped out
folks in the world.

A blanketless sleeper aware in sleep of their many vulnerabilities
Malignancies in my vision, I see bad things.

Weeping can be heard from upstairs. Who’s crying?
Sorrow from nowhere, I can’t find the source.

How often does one ponder their place in space
as often as the color of their carpets and countertops;
home decor over metaphysics any day.

Who has time to contemplate when there is a sale at Pottery Barn?
Can’t even take a whiff of the roses ‘cuz I just got tweeted.

Sledgehammer the Starbuck’s.
Pulverize every aspect of the material;
turning it into nothing except time.

A new battle to be waged that
bids an eternal good night to the insipid and the crank
handlers with broken hands,
escorts the trivial and banal to the bottom of a river,
begins a quest for enlightenment, the hope of squeezing the
lungs of empathy, a most dire resuscitation
for fresh air.


12 thoughts on “A New Crusade

  1. Wonderful Cathy,

    A heartfelt plea to be able to step out of ‘busy’ and into a place which is nourishing rather than exhausting!!!

    I think Steve Jobs was a genius but somewher along the line we need to learn that an electronic device has an off switch as well as an on switch!!!

    Why on earth would I want to have my mobile phone on when I am walking on the pier at Whitby.
    Or why would I want to talk to someone on their phone whilst they are sitting on the toilet. It has happened!!!

    Loved this poem


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