I can’t see the scene since the light from the almighty sun is blinding me.
Ah, clouds can be so helpful sometimes.
I see it now – a pretty scene in a field from my family farm –
a wooden fence by a dirt road.
There she sits wearing a white frilly dress.

Be careful as you approach, that one bites.
She is not what she appears.
Her outside only reflects one facet of her personality.

Don’t bother her with the trifle, it does not amuse.
Don’t anger her with insincerity, you’ll get bloodied and bruised.

It’s truth she requires as she licks the wounds from denial.
I’ve heard she can be quite docile.

If you can resist feigning interest, you may stroke her mane.
But know this going in, her ferocity will never be tamed.


18 thoughts on “DOCILE

  1. I love this! You are so clever! If wordpress would let me, I would underline the words. I love this.

    But I have a question. The last line pharaphrased says, “if you can resist faking interest.” When I read it,.. my mind changed the words to “if you can resist showing interest.”

    Docile. Your a genius.

  2. This is wonderful – love it.

    I once worked with a lovely old man (a patient on a mental health ward). He was quite mad but he could spot a fake from one hundred yards away. Some of the staff wondered why they got such a hard time from him!! They never had enough insight to understand!!
    He taught me a lot.


  3. ‘If you can resist feigning interest’ is a brilliant line. Just a few words that sum up so much that can be wrong in the way we interact with each other. It also encapsulates how it be so much easier to be false than real (when at first sight, the opposite might seem to be true) – plus how patronising we can be in assuming that someone else is not going to pick up on our falsity. It’s one of those lines that sparks off all kinds of thoughts and meanings. Lots of other great lines too – ‘clouds can be so helpful sometimes’ …

  4. I am so glad you posted it although to be completely honest, there have been times when I have had to feign interest, feeling wholly insincere the entire time and coming away with an intense ferocity at being bothered with a trifle when I so wanted to scream the truth. Whose denial?

    Wonderful piece of work! Thank you.

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