a different kind of song

I like my feet because they take me places.
I like to walk because it makes me think.

On the beach all that stress, anxiety and fear evaporate.
I look back and see the bluffs.
Wow, I’ll get that view when I go back.

Finding a seat on the rock.
I don’t have to wait for the symphony to start.
The wind wraps me up.
I’m not cold but rather secure.

The pounding surf provides the backdrop to the composition.
Seagulls chiming in at random moments.

My ears are filled but my mind clears out.
All the bad filtered now from my psyche.

Air tastes like something, mild of course but has a flavor nonetheless.

Elevation from all the bad and all the wrong.
I could sing like this all day long.


12 thoughts on “a different kind of song

  1. That line – “finding a seat on the rock.” stood out to me too. The only time we perhaps wouldn’t complain about a hard seat.

    I almost forgot where I was for a moment. I didn’t get the the beach last week. Maybe tomorrow if the rain clears.

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