Promise Cutey

U2 Party Girl Lyrics

Less than thirteen years old on buses giving BJs to boys.
Show you mine and you don’t need to show me yours.

Falling into the hole.
I need to find the missing “W”.

Don’t value your own treasure if you’re liquored up enough.
Is it all for the rush, for the feeling of touch?

Next to one’s skin, miscreants make it crawl.
Sacks of flesh get on the bandwagon and join the fun.

Marriage is in the toilet since no one is under the gun.
Just sexing it up with anonymous donors
to fill the void, to feel love –
without tenderness or care –
without the possibility for fresher air.

We just keep taking the meaning away –
the more we say –
“everything is all right”.
When, in actuality, only proving decay.

Aching to fill up
     by giving it all away.


18 thoughts on “Promise Cutey

  1. Theres just something about Bono gently swaying on stage dressed in black… it’s mesmerizing. This poem does justice to the mentality which runs rampant. Especialy that last line. If only youth could know that love can exist, and it makes all else seem like filthy rags.

    • Yes! Bono and his swagger are lovely. Death to filthy rags. I’ve always felt that demanding better is seen as subversive – don’t rock the boat and all that rot. But, I don’t care if the boat tips over anymore. Better that then go over the falls in a broken boat.

      • Those who do say its subversive and paint it in other negative lights? … secretly they are wishing they had courage while envying those who do. By raising the bar two things will happen. 1. You will find what you seek. 2. you wil become the forbidden fruit which everyone will want. Great feats will be done in your name in hopes for a taste. By this I am referring to having a refined or discriminating sense of taste. Only the best. 🙂

  2. Some poems make me feel sad, some make me feel old. This one does both.

    At the age of thirteen I did not know what a BJ was, never mind have experienced one on a bus!!

    We do seem to be sexualising our children at an increasingly early age.
    How on earth are they going to discover the difference between having a shag and making love??
    Once you have discovered making love then a shag becomes pretty meaningless really.

    A powerful poem this Cathy


    • David,

      I absolutely adore your mode of expression. I can imagine you saying your comment out loud in your accent (accent to me anyway). I could listen to you talk all day. re: BJ I heard that story from a friend whose son was entering jr high and how that bus was much different than the grammar school bus.

      I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments, obviously.

      I’ll have to write a more fun spirited poem for next post.

      Take care,


  3. It is sad isn’t it. The youth of today are aware of sex now at such a young age, and some parents are to blame for allowing their kids to take part in beauty pageants at aged 6 plastered in make up and dressed up to look like adults, no wonder pedophiles are so prevalent now. They’re not allowing kids to keep their innocence anymore in such a rush to grow up.
    This is raw and sad for its truth.

    • Yes, it is sad. There is such an overwhelming rush for children to grow up faster and yet at the same time we are also indulging their every whim. What sort of character does that churn out? It saddens me to see it too. Thanks for stopping by.

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