The lair of fantasy

Can there be virtue in a virtual setting?
There is only an illusion of flesh but sentiment cannot be faked.
Surely, it cannot be?

Hiding out, peaking through the fabricated trees
Is deception a game plan since nothing is real?

Perhaps a kinship in writing or so one might think
an outlet for understanding
typing and sharing

I’m finally pinned to a world outside of dreams
manufactured by caricatures of ingenuity

It kills the very life straight out of integrity.
Character left wafting in a breezless corridor or
wading in a colorless stream.

since nothing is real how can I be upset?
since nothing is real how can I even feel love?
since nothing is real why have I wasted my time?

In the artificial world, how are we judged worthy?
easy peasy when expectations are virtually
just a brain conducting everything
behind two eyes staring at a lit up screen.


28 thoughts on “The lair of fantasy

  1. I am assuming this poem is reflecting on previous conversations about internet friendships.

    Of course, it may not be, in which case all the rest of this comment can be ignored πŸ™‚

    I was very naive in my first forays onto the internet – got myself into situations which, with hindsight, I would have been far better off not being in – the result of taking people at face value without getting to know them better. I guess in real life that does not happen. The ability to see someone, to listen to them and to hear their body language makes it much easier to find out who to trust. (Although, in truth, I have made a complete balls-up of that from time to time!!!)

    On the web I tend to judge people initially via their writing and assume they are being honest in that. And over the years I have made some very, very good friends on the net – people who are now friends in the real world as well as on the web.

    I also feel I am a member of a community who, to some degree, look after one another. That all started on MySpace in the days when it offered good space for writers. Now it has moved mostly to FaceBook (some being lost along the way) and on wordpress.

    The good thing about wordpress is that I have now met others who I feel I can connect to and am beginning to learn who they are.

    I am more circumspect these days but would still rather believe than not believe πŸ™‚

    Delighted to know you Cathy


    • Hey David,

      I am somewhat naive. That’s why I’ve chosen to live in a cave but I venture out. I have to mingle either virtually or in reality. It’s a biological necessity. I was told that a friendship online, if the likelihood of meeting in reality is nil, is not based in reality which conjured this poem.

      I would never ignore any comments from you even if they were irrelevant which they are not.

      Delighted to know you as well.


  2. I really like this phrase,” I’m finally pinned to a world outside of dreams
    manufactured by caricatures of ingenuity” but I think I attach a comlpetely different meaning from it than the theme of this poem.

    I think most astute people can see underneath a persons on-line presence at least enough to tell if a person is disturbed, or immature, or faking, etc. Im new to leaving my own cave so perhaps Im making mistakes I don’t yet know. In the real world and virtual, I make few distinctions amongst peeps, and so assoiciate with a large diversity of kind. That does not mean all friendships are the same. I tend to put them in two catagories. People I LIKE are all aquantences to varying degrees. People I RESPECT are way, way, above this level. So my frienship is very easy to come by, my respect however is harder.

    “I am somewhat naive” said the creator of Lucy Deville. HAHAHAH p.s. go to my blogroll and click the blog called The Written Word. I think you will love this persons butt-kicking poetry. I do!

    • Thanks. re: that line “…caricatures of ingenuity” (my fave by the way) I was just meaning that the inventors of the internet or this virtual world were of extraordinary genius. I don’t know if that is what you got from that line or not.

      I like how you make a distinction – “So my frienship is very easy to come by, my respect however is harder.”

      I’m not comfortable with people online or offline. I guess most people aren’t; they just seem at ease. I question everyone’s motives but I try to give everyone a chance.

      re: The Written Word – I read the latest post and you are right – great stuff there – butt-kicking is an apt description.

      Take care!

      • when I read the line, the meaning gets turned on its head and becomes: I have held myself aloof from most of humanity, because all people are fake. Therefore I prefer to live in my own mind, my own world of created ideals, a happy loner. Yet, through blogging have come to find people I not only like, but truly respect… and this ‘pins me’ to a human world, the ‘real’ world and makes me to actualy give a damn. Kinda the exact opposite of the poems analogy.

      • That interpretation is totally valid given my other writings. I’m paradoxical and make very little sense. I really enjoy looking at my writings through your eyes. You have an interesting perspective. You have touched on an idea that I’ve explored. I feel more like myself online then I do in real life. So, you might have been tapping into that.

  3. Wow! I know how you feel.

    Years ago Harlan Ellison made a perfect comment about this type of thing – he mentioned how on-line it can take months to realize what a face-to-face meeting would only take minutes to achieve – realizing that the other person is deranged. I know that’s an extreme example, but you know what I mean.

  4. There is so much in this poem to like. I agree with what others have said somewhat. But you know – this line spoke to me – well it jumped up and wrapped itself around my neck actually – In an artificial world how are we judged worthy – is it artificial – or is it just an extension of what we know. I’ve known people who fooled me face to face – maybe I am a dud with reading body language. But here, I go by the words a person writes – over and over again. Sure, it could be fake, but is is really so different from fake real life. Sometimes I also think we judge people by their appearance, here it is not so easy to do that. I guess I will continue to trust and hope it works – most of the time. πŸ™‚

    • Yes, Jo, I know exactly what you mean. I am the same person on the computer as I am off and I take people that I’ve met online to be that way as well. I think everyone that I have met thus far has been pretty authentic but you never know – just like in real life. So you are right – there is little distinction between the virtual world and reality since there is still the human element. And, well that really can muck up the works.

  5. How stupid am I? I thought I’d subscribed to your blog months ago. All these posts I’ve been missing…I’ve just been catching up. I especially like your prose piece about Vanilla Man (somehow sad and funny at the same time), and this poem too. I’ve definitely subscribed now!

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