Dear dumb-ass, an open letter to my idiot brother-in-law

Are you freakin’ kidding me?
You must be joking.
You can’t actually be serious.

You are questioning me and my methods
Your life is a misery
You married a drug addict nutbar
that you won’t ever leave
cus you don’t want to spend
the money
on an attorney
to rid your life of insanity
You live like a hermit in a garbage heap
You mentally abuse your child
You are psychotic
Happy to travel to the junkyard
and pick out junk
to pretend it’s wealth
Your beard is a long as your wit
and as awful as your persona

How dare you presume to judge anybody’s faults
while you decay from your own.
I challenge you to live a life like mine
and have the same vibe that I maintain
through it all and you with your clammy hands
and head up the ass mentality could never
reach the heights of preparedness
to make the betterment that a life deserves
yet you judge from your throne of crap
a home without love, without care, without depth
in complete disrepair.

Waiting for a day I can tell you all this.



Very soon, dumb-ass, this letter will be delivered personally.

Yes, David, before you even ask I do feel much better.
I re-read this post and it made me giggle.
I actually looked up the proper way to spell dumb-ass which was also quite fun. Apparently, it can be hyphenated or not depends on your taste I suppose.


17 thoughts on “Dear dumb-ass, an open letter to my idiot brother-in-law

    • Jo,
      You are absolutely right. I should just give it over to the ether. I will hold my tongue whilst those live that I love so dearly still live and love him. But, one day he will know exactly what I think of him if I’m I ever prompted again. I would always give him a chance if he wanted one. I certainly do not hold my breath on that score though. Thanks for the wisdom.


      • I have a brother like that – tried to talk once about all the shit he pulled. Well that might work if he even admitted what happened – so now – well, I let it go, and the tight knot that had my guts all in a twist for years went with it…:)

  1. I had a friend who, when she got into one of those moods, would stand in front of a mirror and watch herself pout her lip (She could pout her lip better than anyone I know) and stamp her feet. She always finished up laughing!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Better to laugh than waste time trying to get the dumb-asses of this world to see sense!!.

    Good rant though ๐Ÿ™‚


    • There is no chance of that. I haven’t told anyone in my “real” life about my blog except a few close friends. One day I might get the chance to see his reaction but I’m not relishing it but I won’t hold back. Venting is healthy. It felt good.

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