I guess I have hurricanes on the brain among other things…

a morsel
only the slightest offering
to tempt even the truest

nothing compared to the fullness of youth

a dying sun
barely a lingering radiance only a slight glow
wandering to and fro

bare feet on tainted soil
how long in this state of disrepair
where once everything seemed so fair

ancient and entombed
decaying galaxy and distant moon

feast your eyes on the settlement
nothing fine anymore barely a sparkle like a glistening rock in a damned stream

insulted by it
throw it back in their face
how can this little rock
compare with the vastness of a hurricane


10 thoughts on “Meager

  1. I hope you have survived the hurricane intact Cathy.

    My knowledge of the geography of America is so poor (shame on me) that I am never quite sure who of my American friends may be affected by these things so I watch on the news and just hope.

    Take care


    PS – liked the poem too 🙂

    • Thanks. I’m not that far south on the island. I was thinking of leaving if it looked real bad but it really didn’t hit that hard where I live. Thanks for your concern. That’s sweet. How was the hurricane in your neck of the woods?

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