Romeo is Banished

I saw a performance of Romeo and Juliet this past weekend and it set me thinking…

There is a shed in banished that no one uses
You must follow the path
Through a decaying meadow
While I walk my crunching footsteps breaks the reverie
I notice how I’m destroying all the dried up leaves
behind me … a wake of dust
Looking up I see a road post but the etchings wore off
Struck by the lack of moisture, my throat burns
I don’t see any hope but further ahead there must be something
Caressing wind gone vacant, stillness in this solemn walk.
And there it is. I think it might be shelter.
I find a heart ripped to pieces
Dirt in bowls and cups broken from the heat
Beyond discomfort.
I’m pleading for help from above
Can Romeo just be another word for love?


12 thoughts on “Romeo is Banished

  1. There is a chill, bleak feel to this which pulled me up short – made me go back and read it again.

    The last time I saw Romeo and Juliet was outdoors in the ruins of Kirkstall Abbey as the sun went down. Quite magical, I recall coming away enchanted.

    Although it is not a happy story.

    You have left me pondering.


    • Hey David,

      I’m contemplating the part where Juliet keeps repeating “Romeo is banished”. You know how they emphasize the “shed” part in the word “banished”. So, I just started thinking of her walking around looking for him and what her world would feel like without him. We never get to see that since she offs herself. I’m glad the bleak came through. I was going for that – like a living death – living without love (Romeo in her case). I love to make you ponder. Cool!


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