Pissed on Sugar

It’s not a bowl of cherries or a box of chocolates
It’s a pile of pissed on sugar, the penultimate combination of the sickly and sweet
A discord in taste and one’s psyche

How could something so appealing be soured?

The superstitial folks eat right through the bitter to get dessert
I wonder how much white is needed to rid the bad flavor

Others would lick the fringe
The taste equates to hearing Abbey Road, side 2
Fluttering the loins

But, whilst whorish waves ebb
Intense sadness remains
for the corruption


18 thoughts on “Pissed on Sugar

    • It has nothing to do with sex. It’s actually my philosophy – life is like a pile of pissed on sugar. I envision this beautiful mound of white sugary goodness spoiled with you know what . You can’t have the sweet without the bitter. Some people don’t mind the spoiled parts and some people try to take just the sweet parts but even then it’s still sad because it’s tainted. That’s what I was going for anyway. I failed miserably though it seems. Can’t win ’em all. Happy Frontierado!

  1. We would not appreciate the good without the bad was there too.

    In fact it is experiencing the bad which makes us appreciate the good.

    Although my doctor tells me I need to give up sugar!!!


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