Rendering Pudding

Stop obsessing!
We destroy ourselves everyday we consider the varicose veined legs that we were born with.

Does a man of any merit look at a woman and exclaim,
“I cannot admire anyone with spider veins.”

I don’t think that it would even occur to the meritless.

Beat a dead horse and what do you get?
a bloody stinking rotting horse corpse.

Some people just don’t look real anymore,
like they cannot close their eyes or lick their own lips
without navigation equipment.

Maybe taking something of form and rendering it pudding
is sexy to some. I like trees and how they age
in all degrees not just youth.

How many of these interpreted people appreciate nature
in all it’s beauty yet spend hours agonizing over their own
perceived deformities?

Wasting all that bounty to inject it with Botox
Don’t immunize your children because the needle
contains the nasties.
Yet chelation will do the trick and make your child perfect.

It, absolutely, makes no sense to me.

Find beauty in the broken.

Some things are not meant to be fixed.


19 thoughts on “Rendering Pudding

  1. Beauty for me comes from within.
    I can see it when I look into the eyes and it is always a joy to see.

    Too many people have just deadness there, obsessed as they are with the external. and that is not only the females!!!

    Terrific piece Cathy


    • I agree about the eyes, there is definitely like a warmth to them and it is wonderful to see. Society is in such a state, men and women in this crazy race to what end, for what prize. Well, at least they won’t have wrinkles when all nice and snug with their satin pillow propped up so nicely in their pine box.

  2. There are so many faces now that are almost completely plastic. These women who don’t want to age gracefully because the movie industry do not like fat or wrinkles. It’s crazy. There are so many now whose white teeth you are statrting to need to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from.
    There’s people like Joan Rivers, Cher, even, who can’t move their mouths at all anymore. They speak but their lips don’t move and, they start to look like clowns, grotesque and deformed and for what? To hold onto a youth that they ought to have matured through and worn each line with the pride that they fought for them.
    I’m with you all the way on this, we live in a crazy world in the west where beauty has become only skin deep and all that matters is how you look and the labels you wear. No wonder the kids don’t know how to cope anymore. They copy what they see and it’s all fake!

    • Many celebrities do look like clowns…the makeup forever locked into their features. I don’t understand it. It does have a resounding impact on society. Thank you so much for commenting. I couldn’t agree with you more!

  3. It is the break that creats the most beauty of all. I totaly related to this poem. Sometimes in certain settings I feel like Im a freak… not because Im freakish, but only because Im natural and happy about it, in a world of fashionable pudding and fakery.

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