Urn livin’ when ashed up for good

my damn toast every other morn

pepper skin for a roasted flavor

frayed nerves pressed against bone

raging swagger

a river that feeds lava toward my pulsing fingers that contort into a fist

pump it back then thrust it forward in contact with your fucking mouth

I wish

burning desire to shut your philandering lips

a kiln of emotion

exploding into frets

lovesick lyrics that ignite the skin of a drum

realizing I’m unwanted as a love letter is tossed into a pyre of a fireplace

I’m entirely spent. I’m utterly done.

This has nothing to do with me but rather some stories I’ve been reading about infidelity. I was putting myself in that same situation and supposing how I would feel. Of course, the only thing I could see was rage but I think there are a lot of emotions that go on when faced with an adulterous partner.


18 thoughts on “BURNT

  1. Volatile stuff, UBG! Since you used “dis” so much should we start to call you “Our Lady of Discord” like the Discordianists do with their patron deity? (Hell, even their calendars have years listed followed by YOLD for “Year of Our Lady of Discord”)

  2. I understand the rage when you imagine it.
    But when it happens in reality the feelings are much more complicated, although the rage is part of it certainly.

    I just hope you don’t have to experience it for real!!!


  3. You are so right. I was devastated – the worst was the loss. We were already apart, but I still believed in the trust of what we were. To know he had been with others (even a mother and daughter at the same time, well not together I mean, he was seeing both of them though the Mum didn’t know) and then had come home to me. I was sick with grief.

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. He sounds like an utter cad. In regards to your grief, it must have been like mourning. He wasn’t the same person at the beginning that he was at the end. In all that I read and see that seems to be the case anyway. To better times!

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  5. I know sometimes I see things in very different ways. This poem reminds me of a mom I know. She loves burnt toast and she has a lot of self buried hate and anger due to what she beleives is her unlovable condition. Her hate rages all the time.

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