The “Y” in Morality

letter Y
A serpent winds its way around the “Y” in morality
Firmly nestled at the crux

Existence without any morality?
I suppose we would be butchering each other in the streets

But, thankfully some people don’t want to live that way
because I see playgrounds with children playing fairly nicely

not too much shoving pushing or beating, just a little,
tow that “Y” all the way to adulthood and then what

when someone with supposed ethics murders their own child
so they can shack up with a dude that doesn’t like kids.

How much indulgence is needed in one’s self to ever feel good again?
I don’t know how anything could ever be enjoyed.

I still cry over a time when I was five and called a little girl the n-word
because I was a parrot yet…
STILL she was hurt and I saw the falling in her face
someone is to blame for the pain they cause
Even though I was five, I said it, I accept it, and I’ve never forgotten it to this day.

Why, mutherfuckering “Y” am I tortured by a conscience and others are okay?


14 thoughts on “The “Y” in Morality

  1. We live and we learn, and if we learn the lesson properly, we never make the same mistake again. You lived it, you learned the lesson, time to let go because it’s a part of your past and who you were. You were who you were in order for you to become who you are now.
    Lovely prose.

  2. The difference Cathy between sociopaths (or psychopaths) and the rest of us is that they have no conscience.

    I know you well enough by now to know that you certainly DO have a conscience.

    I too have things from my past which I never forget because they taught me lessons and because I do not want to repeat them. The way we learn is through our mistakes!!

    You take care of yourself

    • Dear David,

      Thank you so much for recognizing it in me. I see it in you as well. I guess I just want to know why there are psychopaths OR why I have to have a conscience. I don’t understand why those two facets can co-exist. It frustrates me to no end. Thank you for the hugs. You’re sweet.

      Take care,

  3. Ease up on yourself. The lack of remorse in conscienceless trash like that woman in the news won’t be rectified by you beating yourself up so much. I agree with you, though, about wondering how she goes about doing the little things like looking in a mirror and thinking “OK, I look nice today … shame about my daughter, but hey …”

      • most people
        get numbed because of the insensitivity around them
        we begin to feel it’s okay to cause harm to others
        to be mean and hurtful without cause
        but there is no such thing as inconsequential evil
        there are unending repercussions
        i think when we feel that poke of our conscience
        it’s better to act on it
        or it will grow like a cancer
        and to still have that feeling
        that you have messed with someone’s well being
        well, that shows empathy and sensibility
        that shows there is goodness within that still has some effect on you.

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