Bizarre Energy

No lie I’ve been walking around with my shirt inside out all day long. It’s one of those dumb-ass shirts with the seams on the outside so the outside looks like the inside. It just leads to all kinds of unnecessary confusion. I feel like messin’ with people today. Put the world inside out for once and just play.

I found out the other day my boss used to be in a very mildly successful heavy metal band in the early 90s. Some of us at work found a single press/album photo of the band on the internet. In the photo, my boss was sporting really tight leather pants and hair down to his ass. Now all I want to do when I see him is mess with him. But, that needs to be skillfully done. It shouldn’t be heavy-handed since it would kill the mirth. Lousy mirth killers.

Actually, I’d love to gaslight him given my mood. Mess with his mind a little. Put the blurred out image of his band’s photo as a thumbnail image at the bottom of my emails. Walk into the office humming a few bars of the band’s signature hit. It would be fun to see how long it takes for him to understand that I know what he used to do.

Sometimes when I’m walking down a street lined with shops and restaurants, I just want to press my face tightly against the glass and stare at people stuffing their faces. I can’t even put into words the mental fortitude required for me not to indulge that inclination. It is almost overpowering but I’ve never done it YET.

“I’ll take the tree on the right!”

I feel like doing something stupid like when my friends and I would camp at the beach. We would bring stuff to throw into the campfire like a dried out old Christmas tree or glow sticks (not a good idea). Those old Christmas trees are killer. The entire tree catches fire in seconds and the rush of heat off that fire is amazing, intense and extremely brief. My friend turned to me once and said, “And we actually put these things in our houses every year”. I would just sit there for hours like in a trance just staring at the flames. I’d throw anything in there just to see how the flames devoured it.

I’m not a pyro although I can sort of understand the fascination. Such a destructive force, fire. I’m kind of the opposite of fire. Where I see a holocaust I try to put it out even to my own detriment. My nature isn’t really in line with this bizarre energy that I sometimes experience. When this happens to me, I find it to be such an anomaly. But, I enjoy the challenge.


14 thoughts on “Bizarre Energy

  1. Cathy,

    I think your boss would be secretly delighted if you did those things. I’ll bet he is really proud of his days in that band – go for it!!

    Did you know by the way that the word ass is spelt arse over here (not as in donkey you understand!!). I prefer arse – it is more rounded in sound – just as the part of the anatomy being described should ideally be. πŸ™‚ I thought you might like to know that πŸ™‚


    • Hey David,

      I actually like being messed with so you’re right I bet he would too.

      You bet your arse I like finding out little tidbits about expressions like that. So you prefer an arse to an ass -cool.


  2. You seriously need to hum the song around your boss.

    Ok, here’s a completely random idea for you. I heard about this psychology experiment where they had a girl walk down the street eating a meal off a nice china plate. People freaked out.

  3. wicked video πŸ™‚
    i like staring and sometimes causing fires too. nothing big YET.

    a perfect fire would be somewhere in the hills, a cold winter’s night… mist in the distance… some tea boiling on the fire… and owls and wolves for background music.

    your eating voyeuristic tendencies are funny πŸ˜›

    about your boss
    it’s strange how we all “settle down”
    i used to rap for a band that covered rage against the machine a few years ago
    i still can, but no longer feel the need to. πŸ™‚

    change is inevitable.

    • I like your choice of fire – primal – except for the tea, but you might get cold.

      re: impulses – one day I’m gonna just do it. I almost did it on a bet once. Figure why not get paid but I chickened out at the last minute.

      re: boss – it is inevitable and he is not uptight about certain things maybe his background has something to do with that. I would have loved to see you rap.

  4. hmmm I wonder if this is a common affliction of all poets every where? A long time ago I dated a poet and he got this idea: It all started because he observed how silly it was for fancy hotels to put expensive furniture like chairs in the little hallways, he thought it would make more sense to put them in the elevators. Long story short, We stayed in a 5 star hotel. In the middle of the night we left our room in our birthday suits and took the elevator to the next floor. Wereupon we then put the wingback chairs into the elevator, then went sneekily back to our room.

    But as I said, it was his idea and he was a poet too. This was back in the day before everything was monitored so heavily. You could dress as his band personna for the next office halloween party.

    • Hey MM,
      I can’t believe I missed this comment. Holy Damn! That sounds like fun. You vixen. It just may be a poet syndrome kind of thing.

      I still haven’t done anything about my boss yet. Not sure how to proceed. It will come to me.


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