My legs and arms after a long nap
A map to discover where I’m going

An accordion to stop that crazy polka
Synapses that curled tighter during the recital

The weaves of sanity blossoming into a stark raving mess.
Filial connections, bonded by blood but are now much less

Talent, when oppression is relieved
A tablecloth released from a plastic sheath

Napkins for diners as they wipe their mouths
Finally surveying an unexamined life
that was tightly tangled up in fear
That lasted for so many a year

Oh, how it unfolds!
A mystery unraveling before our bloody eyes
Full of distortion and reality all at the exact same time


10 thoughts on “unfolding

  1. Sounds like many Polish weddings I’ve been to. Just kidding! I love the way you capture these moments. They always make me wonder what kind of Indy filmmaker you would be.

  2. re: Polish weddings. That was freakin’ hysterical. I re-read the poem and I can totally see what you mean, very funny.

    It’s funny you should mention filmmaking. I was into that many years ago. I’ve written some scripts too.

    • David,

      Thanks. It’s funny when I started off writing it, I only had the first couple of lines and then it sat for months. Then, I just banged it out one night last week. So, weird how that happens.


  3. Cathy,

    It is surprising how often that happens – I love it when it does 🙂

    The reason we keep notebooks I guess


  4. When I read this I thought it would make a perfect childrens book with one line to a page. Well except the last two lines.

      • I guesse there is no hope for it but to tell a blatant lie at the end. Best to let those kiddies find out the harsh truth of life as late as possible. 🙂 heheh

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