The rush…
Extremely potent, like the feel of water racing round my ears.
I’m drowning in desire want so bad to draw near.

The smell is penetrating, goes very deep within.
Lost in the fragrance, I can barely begin.

Maybe I can feel with my fingertips
what my mouth wants to swallow.

Fleeting graze ‘gainst my lips;
it’s timidity leaving me hollow

Brazenly cupping, feels lush in my hand.
The bud, surrendering, seems unusually grand.

Tracing circles on the outside; wishing to mesh.
Those inside petals almost better than flesh.



16 thoughts on “Scent

  1. I love this,

    You tease us delightfully with the erotic nature of your words and then make us smile with the picture of the flower 🙂

    Quite brilliant


  2. Sometimes your words are so elequent, I feel like a retarted cavewoman, should I try to leave a comment. This is one of those times. Really poweful. Liked!

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