Baloney. Ham. Pork. Pig!
You and your weiner have to find a new gig

Have you yet introduced your intentions to your flimsy facade?
Pompous walks through congressional doors and tweeting your wad

I don’t care if you want to sip seminal fluid from high heels
just put it on your resume it needs to be revealed

when hiring someone for a job to vote on laws applied to all ‘cept you
You’re salaried from my wages and during office hours its young ladies you pursue

Didn’t your mother ever tell you, “Put that thing away!”
Demented to the point of ruination no self-control your mainstay.

Politics is fraught with such lush debauchery these days
a den of vile opportunists, truth buried in a jungle haze.

This poem is dedicated to Anthony Weiner and his weiner


12 thoughts on “Phoney

    • Thanks, before I posted it the cadence sounded better to me. I was really disgusted when I was writing it and I read it with that disgust and it sounded good to me so I posted. Then, I read it hours later and it sounded very halting to me and I didn’t like the flow. I think it was close but not quite there from my perspective. Weiner deserves a strikethrough poem anyway. I’m gonna alter it a bit but the sentiment will be the same – complete contempt.

  1. And politicians wonder why we don’t trust them!!!!

    Your contempt is echoed on this side of the Atlantic – our politicians are no better. I shall refrain from a rant!!!

    Good poem


    • Hey David,

      I hear you! Damn know it alls and then they turn out to be of such low character. You should write a poem entitled, “Refrain from a Rant”, I like that phrase. Thanks!


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