Critiques from Neanderthals

Realization sets anchor deeply inside my brain

What the hell have I been listening to all these years?

Judgments About:

The size of my ass
The bounce of my breasts
The hair surrounding my panty line
The lines on my face
The gray in my hair
The flab on my knees
The lack of fat in my lips
And, the hair on my chinny chin chin

I’ve entertained this crap
Fossilized it to the deepest imprint upon my brain
Trying to attain perfection in all areas but ever and always failing

Feeling bad and incomplete
Never to fit into their critique

I’ll keep the anchor to fill the fossil

I can’t change Troglodytes
They will never cease being impotent at humanness

But, hopefully, I can stop wasting my time


16 thoughts on “Critiques from Neanderthals

  1. *Big Smile*

    There is so much freedom in realising this stuff is indeed all crap!!

    I have long since given up trying to find a mirror which showed me as 6 feet tall, blonde and slim. Cuddly is what I am 🙂

    Keep smiling


    • Hey David,

      Actually I’ve seen your pic and cuddly is a great description of you. You are adorable. It is very liberating to say shove it to perfection in all areas of one ‘s life.


  2. mum says prunes are good for slimming
    my friend explained it gives you the runs
    just saying…

    I feel you giirrllffrreeinnndd!!!

    ain’t no unga bunga!

    can you explain this line though – “I’ll keep the anchor to fill the fossil”
    i find it too catchy to casually misinterpret.

    • re: prune comment. I’m not sure how to take it as I find it insensitive and I never felt that from you b4 – so shove your prunes up your ass 🙂
      re: other – I mean the anchor of realization that I’ve been putting up with harsh critiques about my looks. And I will use this anchor to remove the impressions of all the fucks that I allowed to destroy a healthy view of myself.

  3. I love gray hair. A friend has a brilliant gray streak in her long, dark hair and it’s gorgeous. My gray hair is mostly hidden beneath my own dark hair, and I wish it showed.

    Dove Soap’s portraits of beautiful old women should be in art galleries.

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