As tinkerbell Lies Dying



I dedicate this poem to Belfast David, a supporter of fairies and wood-nymphs everywhere. I hate technology yet how can I live without it. Maybe I should go join the Amish but I really like my laptop and they have no outlets. That’s my problem, among others, stuck in the middle of reality and mystery and the truth like a zipper that connects the two. I find myself deeply conflicted on this score.

Silence in a magicless world

Breath abatement

Will the poison overtake her or will there be applause, affirmation for make-believe?

Distracted by technology, no one has time to applaud
The lavish qualities of mythology and fantasy
There is no time to worship a deity

Twittering text and the tapping of fingers.
Fast cash to spend on designer outfits.
Who are you wearing, darling?

Perspectives drastically opposed.
Secular versus the non
In the face of it all
Tink’s last breath falls
as a viral video explodes.

How many hits on youtube?

Cell phones blossoming from ears.

Replacing the crowdless heavens with cleaned up landfills.

What is the priority? All my worries transcend to fear.


13 thoughts on “As tinkerbell Lies Dying

  1. Thank you Cathy,

    I am honoured.

    And do not fret – the fairies and the wood nymphs are all still there. We just need to make the time to listen to them. 🙂


  2. So true – technology is taking over the world or dare I say it has already taken over :|; really enjoyed this one although I have to admit I can’t live without technology.

  3. I realy enjoy your works. This one is perfect. it is an impossible dillema. Im always trying to simplify my life to acheive the ‘peace’ I remember, but I think it will forever elude me. Now Im gonna go check out Belfast David. 🙂

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