Love Spun

DISCLAIMER: This not in any way related to me. I was pondering news stories and how people do such evil f-ed up stuff and the basis for it is love – when you peel away the madness. Please don’t call the police on me. A friend told me that this post seemed like readers might think I’m a real bag o’ nuts.

Into distortion…

Beauty on the open seas vacationers enjoying a cruise
Love for the pyromaniac
just add a little fire as the ship burns to bits on the Pacific

oh drat not again
Awaking from godless dreams
What is the end result?
Course is hampered by breathing folks
I need God’s love so I kill to be worthy
Construction set on the throne of bones
That will be my salvation and bring
Me back into God’s good graces.

A mother steeped in madness for the love of her children.
This love is the destroying kind
Every movement signifies the decay of her kids.
Every sigh indicates the rough and tumble clamor endured in life
A surfeit of anguish, life cannot ever be good for the children I worship
as I always see their lives through the lens of despair.
Can drowned little bodies signify the depths of a mother’s love?

How many hot dogs can one shove down the gullet?
My feet are anchored in the sand as the waves try to mow me down.
You like me anchored to YOU
in a tie me up
tie me down
kind of way.

Affection, spinning out of control away from reality into disaster head first into tragedy.


8 thoughts on “Love Spun

  1. Glad you put the disclaimer in Cathy.

    This is a very powerful piece in a despairing sort of way.

    I too look out on the world and wonder what the f**k is going on. Not least in our current warm weather when sun and alcohol combine to create mayhem

    Take care

    • I really need to do more disclaimers because sometimes I take on different perspectives and suppose their narrative, not my own.

      Well, like you’ve said in your poetry, it boils down to love or fear and I think sometimes it can be both at the same time that propel some people to do the sickest nuttiest acts.

      Summer time and a full moon – watch out!

  2. As balladeer said, Beautifully Disturbing.
    I truly did enjoy, as I often think like that at times.

    Ok maybe not often, but more than I should?

    Great JOb, Keep it Up.

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