Ah, the road to hell….

Those on my left and those lingering on my right
to the ones living up their own ass without a shred of light.

Talkin’ trash about my beliefs.
What the hell are you saying? You think I’m evil?
Just because I disagree

AND you talk of understanding those who blow up yards of people
but you won’t take two seconds to understand me.

Apparently, I don’t think right. I’m the problem.
Who is the one climbing on the crucifix?
You think it’s you but it’s always me.
I suffer your derision, your scorn and scrutiny.
Yet you never acquiesce, your cause is just too great.
You don’t care for my position. You can’t possibly relate.

I’m steeped in wrong, covered in incorrect.
I will forever be the self-effacing “X” in the middle of your stampede.

Funny and sad that you want to change me.
Since you are so in love with DiFFeReNCe, as long as it is not from what you believe.

I respect you. At your core, I know you mean well.
But, on our disparities you seem to want to dwell.

Intolerance is gaining ground
and true understanding – retracting from the crowds.
I’m trying to be hopeful but the feeling starts to wane
as it seems a grand inquisitor is born now everyday.


12 thoughts on “paved

    • Hey,
      I believe in the simplicity of the truth and the complexity of a lie. I’m an Occam’s razor kinda gal. If you want to know my political/religious beliefs, I require Southern Comfort, my alcohol of choice, and a quiet corner.

  1. I can empathise with this one.

    I had to learn over time that the only person I had to be true to was me!! After all I am the person I have to sleep with every night!! 🙂

    True friends – the ones who love me because I am me – also emerged over time. They are the ones who are a constant.

    Terrific poem

  2. The intolerance of the supposedly “tolerant” does seem to be increasing daily. You know how I feel about this whole issue. I wish all the shrill partisans could go live on an island where they could give sickeningly self-righteous speeches to each other for the rest of their lives and leave reasonable people to run things.

  3. Nicely written. We have all become critics. I’m glad you want to see the world through your own eyes and not someone elses. We all have a right to our own beliefs and because you don’t agree with someone doesn’t make you a bad person or evil. Although I believe in a higher power, I think most organised religion has corrupted what really happened and interpreted what they did know all so wrong anyway and, that’s my own opinion. Sometimes when someone ticks you off the only thing to do is, tell them!
    Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

    • Thanks! I appreciate your opinion and thank you for sharing it. I agree about telling people how you feel, however, this person is so filled with venom they cannot hear me regardless of my tact. At least I think I am tactful. Emotions are hard for me to keep in check so I beg people to listen to my words and not my passionate expression. Aw well, what are you going to do! Your blog is very pretty it was a fun visit.

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