The Essence of a Poetical Process

In reference to my poem, “ILK”, starting with a few words
“linked yet distinct” humming in my mind, the vibration ensues

creating thoughts that relate to the original idea
as the churning in my brain begins to augment words

into expressions that rhyme, the swiftness of time
creates a whirlpool in my belly

As the emotions that are evoked get stronger the rhyme sets off a torrent
where the pressure from the storm makes me feel trapped by words

that can only be released by taps from the tips that
leak onto a monitor that bring a sort of release

so that I’m able to relieve myself from this rant
that takes me over and sustains tappy tips through
the next few minutes

which is as long as the tempest lasts in my mind and the well of my belly
where now a calmness has replaced a short-lived chaos

and a poem is born from the minutes of labor
where thoughts and emotions cannot be restrained.


14 thoughts on “The Essence of a Poetical Process

  1. I do recognise this creative process.
    Although my poems start via pen to paper before reaching the computer – that’s if they reach the computer at all 🙂


    • Hi David,

      I’ve got like twenty composition notebooks filled with scribbles and I still do the paper and pen thing especially in the middle of the night or out in the car at the beach. But lately it’s been the laptop and for that poem in particular.


  2. I love the way you express these things! I’d be willing to bet parts of your body are in constant motion even while seated, sort of like with some musicians. In your case it would be from unformed poetry flowing through you waiting to be born. When I write poetry my method is to start to outline what I want to say in prose, then, “translate it” into verse form. As it rolls along I start “thinking” in poetry, like when you speak a second language and you find yourself “thinking” in that language.

    Sorry to go all serious on you but your words are always so inspirational and your way of expressing them so musical!

    • Thanks so much. My body was moving too, yeah like a musician, very perceptive of you. I didn’t even think to describe that, cool

      I don’t think I’ve read any of your poetry. Do you post it on your blog or is it a private thing?

  3. It sounds as if the words write themselves, and you are the vehicle they use to get written. I admire that.

  4. It was interesting to read your process. I write some haiku that I may share one day but not at this point. It comes to me when I least expect it, usually when I’m alone, and frequently when I’m sitting on my deck at night. have a notebook and flashlight out there just in case the haiku muse pays me a visit.

    • Thanks. Cool. You should post your haikus especially on your “this time, this space” blog.

      When you are alone you can really get into your head and if you are outside it makes it even better. Night helps too. It dullens the senses so you can pick up on all the mental shenanigans. Really cool!

  5. So so beautifully expressed. I can’t think of a better piece of writing about writing! I thought this was the way only I felt whenever I have this itch, this urgency to write..But I guess its more common than I imagined! Brilliant job 🙂

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