Beating, like a heart, racing through a forest
at a gallop, as a trace of hope might spark

Do you know me, my friend?
Are we the same?

Do you see the buds on the trees?
Or abandoned homes left in flames

I need kinship in my lingering despair
frightened from toenails to a head full of hair

shirking off the gazes that lapse into disgust
about neurological disorders that should never be discussed

Are we born to this world with similar skin, flesh, bone and character?
I desire relations without dominion over my soul that would rather

share a notion, puzzle pieces, pen and paper
discernment between your mind and mine own

to live together separately and distinct
yet loving, without condescension, forever linked

in love
and not


17 thoughts on “ILK

  1. Nice, arresting bit of verse here. You certainly have been volatile lately. It’s like there are people in your life who are just not getting you.

    On a lighter note I kept forgetting to tell you that one of the teams I cover is the Whittier College Poets, so since you’re a poet I thought you might get a kick out of their t-shirts that say “Poets Football” “Poets Softball” or whatever your favorite sport is. I think they should sell t-shirts that say “Poets do it with quill pens” but they don’t listen to me.

    • “volatile lately” – that makes me laugh. Yes there are people that don’t get me. I hate it when that happens. Once I get it out in a poem, I feel relieved. Check out my next post on the poetical process to see what I mean. I’m not rubber room, definitely kleenex box shoes, but not rubber room…yet!

      re: Whittier College Poets – I definitely like your t-shirt slogan better!

  2. Another poem I heartily anjoyed and could relate to. This time your words immediatly made me think of a song I really like. In the song one of the lyrics is: I’ll do what you ask me. If you let me be….free.

    So here is a link to the song, you might like it also its from the soundtrack ‘Once’

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  4. I tried picking out bits of this that I especially enjoyed and I couldn’t actually find any and that’s because I enjoyed it all so much, you are truely talented and I always enjoy reading your poetry. And you’re brave for putting it out there – I simply don’t have the courage to put mine up on my page, keep it up 🙂

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