the DELICATE genius

Einstein, genius but not delicate

not the genius in this poem

Delicacy of self perception.
Indelicacy regarding all else.
Flagrant and fragrant in ass perfume.
The exhaust reminiscent of roses he assumes

Rice paper soul.
Origami heart.
Manufactured by design.

A thing of perfection is a terrible thing to waste.
Yet all you do is discard those who care for you.

Like custom plates on a wedding day
To serve a solitary purpose and thrown away.
Pre-owned napkins are not for sale in your little lot.

You will wither one day.
Your memory will fade
Appendages will droop.
What to do when perfection wanes!

Will you throw yourself away?
How can the delicate genius endure his own decay?


12 thoughts on “the DELICATE genius

  1. I love this! It is genius and blunt and powerful at the same time.

    It makes me picture a group of guys all full of themselves and their idea of manlyness. Sitting around watching football, scratching their B*lls and belching and hating women. I always wonder why don’t they ask themselves how their likely to end up, years down the road.

    Every choice made today is making the bed we must sleep in tomorrow. Not badmouthing men or football, I only badmouth a closed mind that takes sides and only sees itself.

    • Those close minded perfectionists are sort of inspirational…of how not to be. The guy I wrote this about is actually more like the comic book guy from “The Simpsons” but I think we all have our own versions of them in our lives including those ball scratchin’ he man women hating know it alls. Thanks!

  2. A really good poem, I enjoyed the first two lines especially. IT was short but powerful, I wanted it to go on tho :)) good sign, lol. I admrie how you use language to create images in our heads! Great!

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