As The Festival Fattens

Fatted hour.
Crazy temperature.
Gyrating winds.
Rains to the drumbeat.

Flesh and Beads.
Bourbon Street.
Homosexual Hangouts.
Man in dress.

Intimacy is public and the public is intimate.
Snapping a photo of bared breasts;
The uncaged find paradise in New Orleans.

Preservation of Eloquence at the Hall,
And the man with a blue guitar plays on.

Invasion of stomping mad Christians lugging crosses,
Ignorance showers the crowd at Jackson Square.

Party resumed.
Making love with strangers before the Crescent Moon.

Sights of street roofing; streams of green, purple, and gold.
Protection in this balcony shade,
When watching the Braless desire Beads.

Costumes. Parades.
Wordless clowns, musicians, and face painters
Waiting at corners.

Garbage flood on Bourbon.
Rains clear the street,
Reverence at midnight,
And the fattest hour is reached.


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