Legacy of a whisper

Barely heard
Sound so soft,
from all the mistreatment it endured.

It is made of stuff not fully understood but the message it relays defies the loudness of falsehood.

We are all vomiting on force fed dogma and
propaganda du jour while it is
Beaten and bound
tortured and blasted,
mocked and stabbed to bleed out while hung out to dry,
muffled with pillows
thrown from windows and cars, trapped in dungeons and attics. Wrapped in chains and weights thrown to the bottom of a bottomless lake.

Swallowing the sea;
being consumed almost entirely.
It cannot be kept down
for it floats to the top and
as those lips surface
what wonders they reveal
even in a whisper
the truth is what heals.

did you say “L”, did you say “O”, did you say “V”, did you say “E”?

Wow, that word again used so frequently
yet understood so ineffectually
because it is not to be believed just after you cum
but rather when you’ve endured some unbearable torture and
still can feel it through to your core for someone else,
maybe even for the one that tortured you.

That is the bone in it, the marrow of it.
What you give,
rather than what you have received.

There is a long line to get it but an emptish field where it can be found.

This action is wrought with difficulty,
but the payoff – sublime –
to love where wronged,
to wish for the welfare of those that harm you.

Incredible as it seems,
it is attainable and once that goal is reached,
understanding is genuine and love is real.

For V, inspired by JC

pain Deflection

What infectious paths arise when trying to deflect pain?
Justification enough to give up on life…
To become the lurker in a yard of rusted cranes

Whether mom is unimpressed by your existence or your father wishes you a boy
When does it get better? How long does lifelessness go on?

Haunting eyes that know their doing wrong
How many hours spent on numbing?
Grazing on vapidity
Liquid failures that move one nowhere ‘cept despair

Sisters in a trailer park make a promise to commit suicide.
A Texas woman strangles her autistic kids and does not even try to hide
A man killing his son and ex-lover then placing himself in front of a train.
Life becomes short and distorted when trying to evade the pain.

It’s better to face the knife and get cut deep into the bone.
Futile, avoiding an eventuality, since anguish demands to be known.

Wall of Water

Will of rock
Veneer of cream
Sidling through a torrent current
Contemplation of course
Through to the other side
Which will yield to the other –
Willing myself through or consumed by the wall
Dead ends begin with angles
Always a hook to lead you in
Deeper into the void